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Shoshannah Frank Review

We conducted an interview with Miss Frank to get a feel for her style & approach to unique jewelry design. Here are her responses below:

Tell us about yourself & your experience working with clients to design custom jewelry.

Over the past two decades I have worked with clients on projects ranging from designing hardware for restaurants in hotels in Vegas to special mementos, but it is just recently that I  started to open up custom design within fine jewelry. My style is not for everyone it has a darker edge with a passion for symbolism.  The client I work with come to me because they resonate with my style and are looking for a piece that is not traditional. I am very honest and will let someone know if I think that another jeweler can create their vision better than I can. I love clients that have a concept in mind, but are open to exploring possibilities.

What is your favorite jewelry to design & create?

I am not a traditional jeweler. If you are looking for a solitaire or three stone ring I will probably pass you along to someone who would make you a fantastic ring. The clients and projects I take on are one that understand my aesthetic and have a strong point of view. I do not have a particular type of design I like to create but I am much interested in creating something with depth and meaning than just something that looks pretty. Ultimately I love the idea that the pieces I make will be passed down through generations and the story of each owner is passed down with it.

What type of person wears your jewelry?

Someone with a strong sense of self, someone open to exploration and inquiry, not concerned with trend.

What makes your jewelry design style unique to the industry?

This is the question every jeweler asks themselves. The answer is that nothing is really unique the same themes, shapes, and concepts have been reinterpreted for thousands of years. The one thing that makes what I create unique from someone else is that it was made by my hands and my imagination. No one can replicate my exact movements or thought process. It is all about the wearers connection to the piece that makes it unique to them.

What are some jewelry trends gaining more popularity lately?

I am not big into following trends.

How can folks in the area book a showroom appointment with you?

You can email me at [email protected] or call 214.749.0709