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Pompeii3 Review

Their promise is that they have the “highest quality diamond jewelry available” with significant discounts and coupons on their diamond engagement rings.

When reading that, it seemed a little too good to be true to see 80% off some of their diamond jewelry. So, does Pompeii3 currently live up to the expectations they’ve set for themselves? They have an over 50 year track record of gemology and design, so I feel they should be well experienced enough to withstand a closer inspection!

  • Selection: Natural & Lab-Grown
  • Discounts: Available
  • Year Established: 1919
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In this review, I will be analyzing Pompeii3’s diamond jewelry (from a GIA certified jewelry professional’s point of view). Hopefully, this review will let you know whether you should buy from Pompeii3.

Price & Quality

Pompeii3 keeps the price down for their budget conscious customers, and sells some of the cheaper natural diamond wedding sets found on Amazon.

Wedding Ring Set Price

I ordered the .63 total carat weight wedding set from Amazon, and the diamond came with an official evaluation card from the International Gemological Institute (IGI). This demonstrates the authenticity of the center stone and the side stones.

As mentioned on their company website, Pompeii3 does not guarantee that every product will come with an IGI evaluation report like I received. This is concerning, because I think EVERY diamond product should be evaluated by a 3rd party to ensure authenticity.

Wedding Ring Set Quality

Here are the diamond & setting characteristics from the piece I received in the mail:

  • Total Carat Weight: .63 Carats
  • Average Color: K-L
  • Average Clarity: I3
  • Two 10 Karat white gold rings (56 natural diamonds)

Now, this was one of their “bestselling” engagement rings found on their Amazon shop and got great reviews (Avg. 5 stars) from verified buyers. People seem to love this ring, but I found that the I3 clarity and the K-L color to be a bit lower quality then I would have wanted. It doesn’t seem to have the brilliance, fire or scintillation of comparable diamonds they offer.

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Look & Feel

  • Pompeii3’s online Amazon shop does not have any ability to show customers 360 degree photos of their products. Upon closer inspection under a microscope, I saw the following image of significantly include center stone:
  • The wedding ring set I purchased felt light & cheap. They jingled together like loose pocket change.
  • The diamonds were heavily included, which means there were a lot of carbon spots, feathers and blemishes that blocked the proper reflection of light you see in most high-end diamonds. Because of this, there was lower brilliance and fire that makes a diamond ring worthwhile.


I counted only 120 loose diamonds on their website, and only 1 lab-grown diamond available.

They currently have over 15,800 setting metal types, and the types they have available on their website are:

  • 10k Rose Gold
  • 10k White Gold
  • 10k Yellow Gold
  • 14k Black Gold
  • 14k Rose Gold
  • 14k White Gold
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 18k Rose Gold
  • 18k White Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Customer Service

  • Pompeii3’s return policy is 30-days, which is about average for an online jeweler.
  • They don’t offer returns on custom items, so just keep that in mind before you switch metal types or want a different setting for a particular stone.
  • They do offer re-sizing’s within 180 days from the date of delivery, which is unfortunately dwarfed by many online jewelers offering re-sizing’s for a full year after purchase.
  • They offer a 6-month warranty on all items, and a $65 fee to extend it for five years. Most other online jewelers offer a free lifetime warranty.

“This warranty covers: sizing, cleaning, inspection, repairs, and diamond loss under 1/5 of a carat. For an additional $65, this warranty can be extended for five years. It can be renewed every five years for life. The warranty must be purchase initially at time of sale. Any services performed by another jeweler will void the warranty. “

-Pompeii3’s Website

Who Should Buy?

  • You should buy from Pompeii3 if you are on a tight budget, but still want the convenience of an online jeweler.
  • If you want authentic diamonds at a cheap price, definitely give their Amazon shop a look-over.
    • I would recommend trying some of their more expensive pieces, as the cheaper jewelry definitely looks & feels noticeably less quality.







Look & Feel


Customer Service





  • Fantastic prices for authentic diamond jewelry.
  • Strong customer service.
  • Quick delivery for their Amazon Prime items.


  • Lack of quality diamonds for their lower priced products.
  • Not a huge selection of setting types.
  • Does not send 100% of their products for 3rd party evaluations.

10 thoughts on “Pompeii3 Review”

  1. I had a terrible experience with this company and would not purchase from them again. I never received my merchandise . They have 33 complaints filed with the BBB. I warn everyone to not buy from this company

    • I am having a similar situation. I have received my rings. But the “diamonds “kept falling out. 3 times I sent it back. The last time I exchanged for a different style. Had to pay extra where I think I should not have. And when I got it it was the wrong size. Having to send it back yet again.

      • Very sorry to hear that, Rebecca. It is a jewelry store’s “best practice” to consult with the customer whether the prongs will hold the diamond prior to purchase. I hope you’re able to get it resolved! -Kyle

  2. Thanks for your review, I was going to order from them until I saw your review.
    The saying goes ” If the price is to good to be true it probably isn’t worth the money.”

  3. Buyer beware ! I will never order from this company again. We ordered 3 ring from this company in April and have had problems with the poor quality of 2 of the rings already. The third is a wedding band that has not been worn yet. The rings looked nice, however the prongs on my engagement ring broke after 2 days of wear. The men’s band had visible flaws to the naked eye and was the wrong size.

  4. I purchased a diamond wedding ring set almost a year ago. The set is absolutely beautiful I have yet to have another jeweler access the set. I may be set for bad news, my husband says the diamonds are glass. We’ll see. However, I have had no problems, and wear them for daily cleaning and such. The diamonds remain intact and are lovely.

    • Hi Kathryn. Thank you for sharing your experience with Pompeii3. When I ordered my product from their Amazon store, they sent a certification card in the mail from the IGI indicating it was a real diamond. Did you also receive this?

  5. I have had my ring from Pompeii for only a little over a year, and the diamond fell out. The ring has no wear and tear and no damage to the prongs. The diamond simply fell out and was lost. So, either it was a poor installation or the small crack in the diamond worsened, causing it to fall out. I purchase a warranty, so I thought I was covered. But the warranty basically covers nothing. So, no recourse. I would never recommend this company to anyone. A diamond should not fall out of a ring in a year. Terrible worksmanship.


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