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Littman Jewelers Review

Littman Jewelers is also known as Fred Meyer Jewelers, which is owned by The Kroger Co. Don’t let the double name fool you – their reputation is the same and worth a thorough inspection!

If you’re looking for a natural diamond engagement ring, chances are good that you’ll see a handful of options listed as “Discounted” or “On Sale” at Littman Jewelers’ website.

Littman Jewelers sells an impressive collection of brands both online and at their brick-and-mortar locations, but I wanted to inspect their quality & craftsmanship from their online store.

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goodgem-table-__imageLittman Jewelers
  • Selection: Natural Diamonds
  • Discounts: Available
  • Year Established: 1973
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In this review, I analyzed the following factors to see if the company produces a valuable product at a good price:

  • Price & Quality
  • Look & Feel (Look & Feel test coming soon)
  • Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Who Should Buy?

Price & Quality

You might get a little “sticker shock” when you see the base prices of Littman Jewelers’ engagement rings, and for good reason. Their prices seem to be insanely high for the quality of diamonds you get.

For example, this standard halo, round shaped engagement ring with a .62 carat center stone (I1 clarity and I color) is a whopping $3,799. Comparing this type & quality of engagement ring to most other online jewelers, and you would be spending a fraction of that price elsewhere.


You won’t find a huge selection of engagement rings on

Unfortunately, I only counted 671 total engagement rings. Their metal types include:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Platinum

Littman Jewelers offers several engagement ring brands and designer rings including:

  • Destiny Diamond
  • Say I Do
  • Enchanted Disney
  • Effy
  • Kallati
  • Alberto

Customer Service

In my opinion, the best feature about Littman Jewelers is their customer service & return policy. They offer a 60-day jewelry return policy, which is double the 30-day policy that most online jewelers offer.

They offer a lifetime warranty, but trade-ins only apply to non-clearance items.

Who Should Buy?

  • You should buy from Littman Jewelers if you’re wanting a more flexible return policy (60-day return policy vs. a typical 30-day) along with a possible brick-and-mortar location counterpart within the U.S.
  • You are seeking one of their designer brands such as Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry.

2 thoughts on “Littman Jewelers Review”

  1. My husband bought my engagement ring from Littman Jewelers in Staten Island. It cost him $2,400.00 for an oval diamond with channel set diamonds on both sides of the ring. The carat weight is a little more than 3/4 of a carat. They gave me an appraisal with it. This was in 1986. When I went to get it appraised recently, the man said it was hardly worth $100.00. I was devastated. Is is possible my husband was cheated? Or maybe this appraiser was wrong? I don’t know what to think. Please give me your opinion about how trustworthy Littman’s really is…

    • Hi Donna – it could have been the appraiser that was incorrect or he never purchased a real diamond. I don’t know the story, but you’ll have to do your own research on whether the Littman’s closest to you is trustworthy. Best of luck.


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