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James Allen Review

Although James Allen is one of the fastest growing jewelry stores online, I wanted to find out if they consistently produce quality diamond engagement rings rather than cutting corners in some areas. In this review, I will be analyzing James Allen’s jewelry to help you know whether you should order your engagement ring from them.

goodgem-table-__imageJames Allen
  • Selection: Natural & Lab-Grown
  • Discounts: See Website
  • Year Established: 1999
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They have great reviews on their products, but does James Allen still provide great customer service without becoming a victim of their own success? After going through the buying process, I personally absolutely loved the customer service & checkout process on their website.

Read on to learn about James Allen’s:

  • Price & Quality
  • Look & Feel
  • Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Who Should Buy?

Price & Quality

Not surprisingly, James Allen has excellent prices for their diamonds compared to similar jewelers.

Their selection of quality diamonds (ideally cut for better optical performance) is unparalleled from what I’ve seen in the industry in terms of quantity.

After analyzing their available Ideal Cut diamonds, their Price-Per-Carat is around $3,100 – which is significantly cheaper than the $6k+ price I see from some jewelers. They have lab-grown options available, which brings the price-per-carat down a bit to $2,659 for the same appearance as the natural stones.

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Look & Feel

Their diamond engagement rings look great. The quality of workmanship on their settings and the detail level is remarkable.

I would recommend using both their settings & their loose diamonds to build your own engagement ring rather than combining settings and stones from other jewelers. The reason for this is because you can try on the completed ring first to ensure the sizing is right, and simply return the ring if you are unsatisfied.

If you have already purchased your stone, just ship it to James Allen and they will charge you a $100 setting fee.


One thing is undeniable, James Allen has an extremely large selection of diamonds and settings. They have over 200,000 ring settings & diamonds with 360-degree photos on all of their products to help inspect your loose diamond or pre-set ring before you buy.

The James Allen website has 1,000’s of ring settings and stones to choose from. The metal types you can choose to build your own ring are:

  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Platinum

While some jewelers have a larger selection of metal types, James Allen keeps their golds at a minimum of 14k as to avoid lower quality 10k gold materials.

If you can afford a gorgeous designer ring for your loved one, the options they provide are listed below.

James Allen’s Designer Ring Prices

  • Martin Flyer – $630
  • Jeff Cooper – $700+
  • Unique By James Allen – $1,380+
  • Danhov – $1,440+
  • Verragio – $1,500+

Customer Service

I am EXTREMELY impressed by James Allen’s 24/7 chat consultation service. It is way more helpful then a traditional chat service like the other jewelers have. I would highly recommend at least trying it out. At the very least, you will get good knowledge to take with you as you evaluate other options. To use the consultation service, you should first select a diamond using the steps below, then click “Diamond Inspection.” This puts you in a private showroom with a representative, and they will show their screen to you so they can draw & point out important aspects of the diamond or setting.

Here are some advanced tips to get the best diamond available. We are going to be using a filtering system and their chat consultation. In order to find a “winner,” you should perform the following steps:

  1. Head over to the James Allen website.
  2. Click “Start with a diamond” and choose a diamond using the following filters (we’ll use the popular round shape as an example).
    • Select either Earth-created or Lab-created Diamonds towards the top (lab-created preferred because of price).
    • Color: I-D
    • Cut: Very Good-Ideal
    • Clarity: VS2-VVS1
    • Carat: Whatever you want.
    • Price: Your budget
      • Then, click Advanced Options
      • Polish: Excellent
      • Symmetry: Excellent
      • Depth (%): 60-63%
      • Table (%): 54-60%
    • These filters should get you a brilliant, scintillating gem with plenty of “fire” within the stone.
  3. After you find one you’re interested in – ask to see the IdealScope of the gem. Sometimes they aren’t available, but in many cases they are. This is a tremendously valuable display of the gem’s optical properties such as; how the light reflects off the surface of the diamond and if there is any “light leakage” indicated by lighter shades of red.

As you can see above, the center “light areas” indicate light leakage. In this case, the facets around the table are acting like a window to the bottom of the diamond (a.k.a. “Windowing”). This prevents the light from reflecting off the pavilion facets, and decrease brilliance and dispersion. The darker red areas are good, and represent reflected light.

During the diamond inspection, I asked for a better performing stone. They showed me this IdealScope image (much darker red areas with less light leakage) at a cheaper price! I would not have found this diamond had I not simply asked to see a better one! This is a great customer experience.

Who Should Buy?

  • You should buy if you want a vast selection of natural & lab-grown diamonds to choose from while building your ring.
  • You want strong customer service, a great warranty, and you want to be able to see the product before you buy with 360-degree photos.
  • You want to get a great price on your diamond and compare 1,000’s of different settings.
  • Click Here to Check Their Current Prices

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