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Amethyst Engagement Rings

Amethyst Engagement Ring Definition & Benefits

Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “not drunk.” It is known as a stone of protection, and many people believe that it has calming effects. Purple is a regal and romantic color, which makes this stone a perfect choice for engagement jewelry. Also, it is relatively hard, so it will be durable enough to wear each day without harm.

Below are some FAQs:

What is an Amethyst Engagement Ring?

An amethyst engagement ring connects you to the rich lore that this gemstone possesses. It is said that Saint Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring. In this way, your ring symbolizes the romantic love that has encouraged so many around the world to declare their feelings to their special someone.

What are the Benefits of Wearing an Amethyst Engagement Ring?

The benefits of wearing an amethyst engagement ring are the versatility of the stone and the ease of combining it with others. Case in point is the halo presentation that features a large round or oval amethyst in the center. Smaller diamonds surround it to add fire to the design.

Does Amethyst Fade?

An amethyst’s color can fade if you expose it too much to light. For this reason, gemologists keep their prized gems out of direct sunlight. That said, it is also possible to darken it with irradiation.

What Gives the Gem Amethyst its Purplish Color?

Amethyst is quartz that features a vibrant purple color as well as reddish-purple tones. The variety of color displays is directly connected to the amount of iron in the quartz as well as the extent of irradiation it underwent.

How Much is Amethyst Worth?

Amethyst comes in a variety of purple hues. Its value depends on the richness of the color. At one time, amethyst had a high value. However, discoveries of large deposits made the price drop. High-end pieces are relatively affordable, which makes them attractive alternatives to diamond engagement rings.

How Much Does Amethyst Cost Per Carat?

Depending on the type of amethyst you are buying and the color of the stone, you can expect to pay between $4 and $35 per carat. With this price, it is possible to create a custom ring with a large stone for much less money than a diamond.

What Color Amethyst is Most Valuable?

An amethyst’s color will dictate its value. When you find a stone with a strong reddish-purple tone and no visible color zoning, it will have a high value. Lighter lilac tones are not as valuable as intense shades. Secondary colors like brown, yellow, and orange lower the worth as well.

What is the Average Carat Weight of an Amethyst?

Usually, a 4 millimeter round amethyst will weigh 0.2 grams. This is considered a single carat.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Meaning & Symbolism

Amethyst Engagement Ring by James Allen

What Does Amethyst Stone Symbolize?
The amethyst stone can be associated with the Catholic Church. It represents piety, trust and chastity. This is a stone that has a lot of history. It is often used for cardinals, bishops and priests. In the Middle Ages, this was a stone that was very rare, but it was used for people of power. You would typically see amethyst used as an accent stone on jewelry like an engagement ring.

What is Amethyst Used For?
Amethyst is very popularly known for being able to detoxify the body. Negative ion therapy can assist with many different ailments like pain, inflammation, stomach issues, sleep disturbances, stress and much more. It is still used in jewelry making, but you can also find loose amethyst stones that people have in their home for healing benefits.

Is Amethyst a Lucky Stone?
Amethyst is a form of crystalline quartz, just in the shade of purple or lilac. It can also have a mauve tone to it. It can be work to ward off evil and promote a clear mindset. In Greek, amethyst means “without drunkenness”. This is a stone that people often use to protect themselves from poison in one form or another.

Is Amethyst Good for Jewelry Making?
The great thing about amethyst jewelry is that it works with many other jewels and kinds of stones. The color is unique, but it’s a very subtle tone. It works with a lot of other pieces. You can use amethyst to accentuate a larger diamond for an engagement ring, but you can also let amethyst stand on its own. That’s how beautiful it is.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Cleaning & Care

Can You Shower with Amethyst?

You can wear your amethyst engagement jewelry in the shower, but you should be using a gentle soap. This will ensure that your stone does not become damaged. Some people believe that bathing with amethyst brings healing energy to the water.

Can You Wear Amethyst Everyday?

Amethyst is measured as a “7” on the Mohs hardness scale. In comparison, diamond rates as a “10.” Although amethyst is considered a “hardy” stone that can be worn daily, you should avoid rigorous activities that may mark or damage the gem. Regular daily tasks should not harm this stone, which makes it a viable choice for engagement jewelry.

How to Clean Amethyst:

1. Prepare a bowl with warm water and a mild soap.
2. Submerge the amethyst into the soap solution for up to 20 minutes.
3. Lift the amethyst from the water. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away stubborn dirt.
4. Rinse the amethyst with warm water.
5. Allow the stone to air dry.

Can You Put Amethyst in Water?

As long as the water is not extremely hot or cold, amethyst can be safely submerged in water. Extreme temperatures can cause amethyst to crack.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Authenticity & Quality Checks

Time needed: 30 minutes.

You can examine the amethyst engagement ring by following the steps outlined:

  1. Consider the Clarity

    A natural amethyst stone appears clear. If you detect bubbles, it may be fake.

  2. Examine the Cut

    Amethyst may be cut in a multitude of shapes. If the stone is cut into a round shape, an uneven color may prove that it is real. Jewelers often cut discolored amethyst stones into round shapes so that the color variation is not obvious.

  3. Look For The Imperfections

    A real amethyst usually includes a few imperfections.

  4. Test the Hardness

    Amethyst rates a “7” on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that it resists scratches from things that fall below this number. Things like a fingernail and knife blade can be used to gently scratch the stone. If no marks result, the gem is likely authentic.

A simulant amethyst called “Zircon”

How to Spot a Fake Amethyst Engagement Ring

1. Examine the Color. If the ring is only one shade of purple, it is likely fake.
2. Examine the Clarity. A fake amethyst will usually contain bubbles or cracks.

Are There Lab-Grown Amethyst Engagement Rings?

A lab-grown gemstone shares almost all the chemical, physical, and optical traits of a natural one. Since it is possible to control the creation process, the final stones usually have less inclusions than natural ones. Almost all gems are available in lab-grown states. If you are searching for a “perfect” amethyst for your engagement ring setting, you certainly should be able to find one.

How to Tell if an Amethyst Engagement Ring is Quality

1. Examine the Color. A quality amethyst will have a strong reddish-purple tone with no color zoning.
2. Examine the Clarity. If your stone does not contain any inclusions that are visible to the naked eye, your stone is high quality.

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